Town council

The town council is the town's highest decision-making body.

The council decides on the basis of the economy and funding:
the budget, tax rates, the basis for payments, loans and guarantees. The town council also sets quality and operational goals for the town's committees.

The council decides on the structure of the town's administration:
committees, offices and institutions and the division of authority between them. The council elects representatives and the most important office holders.

Chairs of the town council 2013-2016

Chair Anna-Kristiina Mikkonen
1. deputy chair Aune Kupiainen
2. deputy chair Juhani Rouvinen

Town board

The town board is responsible for the town's administration and finance, draws up proposals to be put to the town council, and ensures that the town council's decisions are implemented and legal.

The town board represents the municipality, exercises the right to speak of the town and makes various legal acts on its behalf.
The tasks of the town board are set out in the administrative provisions. The mayor prepares and presents matters to be decided by the town board.

Chairs of the town board 2015-2016

Chair Matti-Pekka Parkkinen
1. deputy chair Teemu Hirvonen
2. deputy chair Seija Puputti

Mayor's management group

The mayor's management group assists the mayor in managing and developing the administration of the town. The group also includes an employee representative.

In addition to mayor Janne Laine, the mayor's management group includes:

Saku Linnamurto, Administrative director
Arja Petriläinen, Financial director
Hannu Kurki, Director of development
Aki Rasimus, Town lawyer
Juhani Kerman, Personnel manager
Saara Pesonen, Director of basic security
Markku Kankkunen, Director of education and cultural services
Kari Tikkanen, Technical director
employee representative