Preschool education

Preschool education is run in schools and nurseries. There are about 240 preschoolers in Savonlinna municipality.
Further information: Head of early learning services, tel. +358 44 417 4303

Comprehensive education, years 1-9

Savonlinna has approximately 2,000 pupils in 10 comprehensive schools.
Further information: Head of education, tel. +358 44 417 4203

Upper secondary education

Savonlinna has two upper secondary schools operating during the day and one for adult education.
Taidelukio is a specialist upper secondary school which attracts students from across Finland. As well as ordinary school subjects, students concentrate on music and art.
There are about 800 upper secondary school students.
Further information: Director of education and cultural services, tel. +358 44 417 4201

Other education provision

University education

Savonlinna Summer University

Vocational higher education

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK), Savonlinna Campus

Vocational colleges

Vocational and adult education college Savonlinnan ammatti- ja aikuisopisto

Tanhuvaara sports institute