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Other technical services

Savonlinna has a wide range of harbour services. The tourist harbour for leisure cruises lies in the heart of the town. Savonlinna also has plenty of guest harbours for small boats, intended for tourists. The deep harbour serves cargo vessels heading to and from the oceans of the world.

The town’s technical services are responsible for planning, construction and maintenance of the town’s streets and green areas.

Savonlinnan Vesi is responsible for providing and distributing clean water, building and maintaining pipelines, managing wastewater and rainwater, maintaining the sewage network and cleaning wastewater.

Savonlinnan Seudun Jätehuolto Oy, a company owned by local partnerships is responsible for rubbish collection and waste management.

Contact details

E-mail: tekninen.toimiala(at)savonlinna.fi

Kari Tikkanen, Technical director
Tel. 044 417 4600
Fax 015 515 946
Address: Olavinkatu 27, 57130 Savonlinna
E-mail: kari.tikkanen(at)savonlinna.fi

The task of the town’s environmental protection services is to monitor and promote environmental protection and nature conservation in Savonlinna.

Further information in Finnish

Matti Rautiainen, Head of environment services
Tel. 044 417 4685
Fax 015 515 946
Address: Olavinkatu 27, 57130 Savonlinna
Street address: Staircase C, floor 2
E-mail: matti.rautiainen(at)savonlinna.fi