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Sports and leisure services in Savonlinna

The town’s sports and leisure services ensure that local residents have opportunities to exercise by providing sporting facilities and also organising sporting activities for special groups. The emphasis is on sport for children and young people.

There are several exercise tracks and nature trails in the town. Swimming facilities are provided by the public beaches and the swimming pool. The ice rink is also sometimes open for public skating sessions. Use of the disc golf course in Pihlajaniemi is free of charge.

The job of youth work is to support young people in the transition to adulthood. Youth work encourages young people to avoid drug and alcohol use and carries out preventive youth work with different partner bodies.

The youth workshop, Nuorisoverstas offers young people advice and guidance in finding a job, contract work, and a sense of responsibility for their work, themselves and the workplace community as well a safe space to experience of success and failure.

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