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Building services

Building plot services manage the sale and rental of building plots and other land to local residents and businesses.
Planning services manage the local detailed plans and master plans for the area.

The town’s surveyors’ department is tasked with:

  • organising construction plots within the area covered by the local detailed plan both for the town and outside bodies
  • providing property information, location information and surveying services both to the town’s own organisation and outside bodies.

Contact details

E-mail: tekninen.toimiala(at)savonlinna.fi

The task of the building inspection department is to monitor construction and safeguard the landscape and the urban environment. Building inspection processes the permits needed for construction, carries out the checks required for permits and provides instruction and advice on construction.

Further information in Finnish

Juha Karvinen, buildings inspector
Tel. +358 44 417 4692
Address: Olavinkatu 27, 57130 Savonlinna
E-mail: juha.karvinen(at)savonlinna.fi