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Childcare and early learning

In Savonlinna early learning services are offered by municipal nurseries, childminders and group family daycare. Early years services are also provided by private providers.

Applying for a childcare place

You can apply for a childcare place all year round. Your application should be submitted no later than four months before the childcare place is required. If, however, the need for childcare is due to starting employment or study, and the date on which you will need childcare to start could not be predicted in advance, you should apply for a place as soon as possible, however, no later than two weeks before your child needs a place.

Application forms for childcare places can be downloaded from the town’s website (in Finnish). Here you will need to print out the form, fill it in and send it to the childcare office on paper.

Application forms should be returned to the childcare office:
Olavinkatu 27 B, 57130 Savonlinna

Childcare costs

Maximum payment and sister discount

The cost of childcare run by the municipality is determined on a percentage basis depending on the size of the family and family income. The maximum payable is 288 euros a month per child and if the payment falls to less than 27 euros per child, it is not charged. The first child in the family is always considered to be the youngest child using childcare services.

The fee charged for the second child is a maximum of 50 percent of the fee for the first child, ie a maximum of € 144 / month. Each subsequent child is charged 20%
the fee for the youngest child, ie a maximum of 58 € / month.

Child care times must be announced in advance at 24:00 on the Sunday before the previous week.

Early childhood education, which is given between 18:00 and 06:00, is a shift.

There are four private kindergartens. Touhula Nätki, Touhula Mertala, Linnala and Taidepäiväkoti Tähti. Private family day care 8.
Home care allowance can be received from a first-grader under the age of 3 and then at the age of 7 if the parent works a reduced working day.

Tero Tuononen, Head of early years education
tel. +358 50 435 4901
Address: Olavinkatu 27, 57130 Savonlinna
E-mail: tero.tuononen@savonlinna.fi

Home care allowance

As an alternative to municipally-run childcare, a family may choose to receive home care allowance if the family includes a child under the age of 3. The right to home care allowance is then extended to all the family’s other children under school age.
Thus once the period for which parental allowance is payable has ended, parents may choose

  • childcare run by the municipality
  • to receive home care allowance and look after their child at home themselves
  • to receive private day care allowance and organise a private childcare place

More information on home care allowance is available from Kela’s website. In Savonlinna no municipal bonus is paid on top of home care allowance.