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Our Museum Shop

All visitors to Riihisaari are also welcome at our museum shop! We offer a selection of both thematic mainstays and interesting new items, including various toys and treats for children! Get something for yourself or bring home a souvenir! The museum shop is open during regular museum opening hours.

The entryway leading to the Riihisaari museum shop and customer service desk is an experience in and of itself. You’ll meet various figures from the past and walk across our very own bed of fossils. Don’t forget to take a peek through the floor hatch!

The Riihisaari museum shop offers a wide variety of treats, gifts and souvenirs at a wide variety of prices, including but not limited to plushies, magnets, games, cards, sweets, t-shirts, headwear, home textiles, jewellery and books on local history and nature. We also sell the Finnish Museum Card.

We choose our selection with a preference for high quality local and domestic suppliers and the principles of sustainable development. We also sell Finnish national park goods and other products from Metsähallitus.

The museum shop also contains the Savonlinna Regional Tourist Information Desk, available during regular opening hours.