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Tourist and Hiking Information

Riihisaari is also the site of the Savonlinna Regional Tourist and Hiking Information Desk! Our staff answer questions and provide travel and hiking tips for the area during regular museum opening hours.

The Riihisaari Tourist and Hiking Information area is worth a visit all by itself, with a cosy lean-to and an indoor campfire for visitors to enjoy while perusing our selection of brochures and maps of local travel destinations, national parks and other nature sites. Our friendly staff are ready to assist you!

Our Tourist Information area is a part of the Metsähallitus Saimaa Nature Centre. Many of the same themes can be found in our permanent exhibition In the Heart of Lake Saimaa, made in collaboration with Metsähallitus.

The Tourism Information area is wheelchair accessible, and the entire main museum building has free wi-fi for visitors. Don’t forget to visit our museum shop, which is only footsteps away.


Customer Service Riihisaari

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