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The Museum’s Steam Ships

The Museum of Savonlinna has one of Finland’s largest steamer fleets, including representatives of Lake Saimaa‘s most prominent ship types: the passenger ship Savonlinna, the world’s last true wood-hulled tar steamer Mikko and the steam schooner Salama. The steam-powered tugboat Ahkera likewise has its home port in Riihisaari.

Also on display are the Saimaa cargo boat ”Vappaa Savo” (currently under renovation) and the two church boats out in front of the museum .

The museum ships at Riihisaari are open to the public throughout the summer. They are also used for public cruises. Some museum ships may not be present at the Riihisaari dock at times.

If you have questions about the presence and opening hours of our steamers, contact our customer service number: +358 (0)44 417 4466.