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Library Fees

As of 1.11.2015

Unretrieved Reserved Material  1,00 €
Replacement Library Card 2,00 €
Overdue Fines   
Overdue fine/day/item 0,30 €
Overdue fine maximum/item 6,00 €
Notification fee (return request) 1,00 €
Additional billing fee 7,00 €
Interlibrary Lending  
Interlibrary lending order 5,00 €
Interlibrary lending copy order 3,00 €
Additional fees may be charged according
to the standing rates of the lending organization
Photocopies and Printouts  
Copying and printing, A4 black and white 0,50 €
Copying and printing, A4 colour 1,20 €
Copying, A3 black and white  1,00 €
Copying A3 colour  2,40 €
Photocopying card (10 pages) 3,00 €
Photocopying card (30 pages) 6,00 €
Fax 3,00 €
Further Prices  
Plastic bag 0,20 €
Paper bag 0,50 €
Cloth bag 3,00 €
USB memory stick 8,00 €
DVD-RW 1,00 €
Withdrawn material, adult 2,00 €
Withdrawn material, juvenile 1,00 €

Overdue Fines

Overdue fines begin to accrue immediately after the due date. Materials borrowed with an under-15-year-old’s library card do not accumulate overdue fines.

A notification letter will be sent no later than 14 days after the due date. A notification letter will be sent immediately after the due date for material that has been reserved. A notification fee is charged to under-15-year-olds, as well.

A bill for unreturned material, including an additional billing fee, will be sent after the notification letter. After their due date, unpaid bills will be handed over to debt collection, causing additional collection charges.


Lost and damaged materials must be reimbursed by paying the compensation fee as determined by the library or by procuring another copy of the work. Due to copyright reasons, film recordings cannot be replaced by procuring another copy of the work. The replacement price for film recordings includes the copyright royalty fee.

The compensation cost is not repaid to the patron, even if the replaced material is found later.

The borrower uses library recordings at their own risk. The library is not responsible for possible damage to a patron’s equipment caused by recordings.

Upper Limit of Outstanding Debt (loss of borrowing rights) 10,00 €

Outstanding debt accrues from, among other things, overdue fines and reservations left unretrieved.

Accrued fees in outstanding debt are due by the end of January of the following year. After that, the patron loses borrowing privileges, even if the unpaid fines are less than 10,00 €.