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Kellarpelto Elementary School has classes from pre -school to 6th grade. There are about 250 people working at our school daily. Kellarpelto School is a learning environment that takes into consideration every child’s individual background. We feel it is important that the children learn how to find their strengths, enjoy learning and grow up to be honest human beings.

At our school the threshold of interference is very low. We have created steps of action for different problem situations; how to deal with teasing, learning difficulties and other possible twists and turns on a child’s school path. The priority to all staff at our school is to keep the best interest of the children in mind. In our educational and pedagogical work we have three areas of emphasis; providing diverse support for the students, vast use of information technology and teaching the students how to acquire information. Important part of our work is working together with the pre-school groups within the daycare. All pre-school children of the area are busy studying and playing right here at Kellarpelto School.

The curriculum of the school is a promise that the school must redeem by its actions. In this work we need the help and co-operation of the parents of our students and our partners. The parents have a possibility to influence on everyday life of our school via a very active Parent’s association.

Our school has  been fully renovated and we celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2014.

We have 11 groups of students with 11 classroom teachers. Some of our teachers (the special education teachers) we share with our neighbouring schools. There are also 4 classroom assistants working together with teachers in helping the children to reach their goals. Other staff members are a valuable part of our support net for the students, and help us to make everyday life go as smoothly as possible.

The area of Kellarpelto is very popular among the families with small children. It is a safe western suburb of the town of Savonlinna that is constantly growing with a developing network of services and businesses.